Insanity Vs. Sanity: How To Get Better Results & Reach More People

Making progress, being better, exceeding goals, and crushing your competition are the buzz words in business except do business owners, self-employed individuals and others really ready and willing to do whatever it takes? Or do they just talk the talk yet return to the same ole same ole?

Remember the age-old definition of insanity: It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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Hannah Busenitz
What would Martin Luther King, Jr. post today on Facebook???

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a genius at leveraging the cutting-edge technology of his day like the newspapers, radio and TV to communicate his concepts of social equality and to create momentum for his social justice movement.  

If social media were around when he was blazing a trail for civil rights, he would do the following five things with character and class…

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Hannah Busenitz
Stop Taking Pictures From Your Phone

Real Estate Agent, you are your pictures. Every picture of a house or property you represent on the MLS site or anywhere online is a reflection of your standard of excellence, your personal real estate brand, the quality of your marketing strategy, your attention to detail and so forth.

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Jess BousaOrder From Chaos
3 Reasons Why YOU NEED to use Social Media as an Entrepreneur

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are looking to get every ounce of competitive advantage to make sure your idea pans out. You have searched far and wide for Business Guru advice on how to grow your brand exponentially overnight and have repeatedly come to a frustrating dead end after frustrating dead end.

Like yourself, I too have sought this overnight success and have come to realize that there are certain things that create success and Social Media Marketing is a huge benefactor!

Here are 5 reasons why YOU NEED to be using Social Media to grow your entrepreneurial dreams!

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How to Stay Unstuck

Many can change but few can stay changed. Overcoming an addiction, making a career change, fighting through marriage issues, parenting stubborn children or fulfilling a God-given purpose all go through seasons of change. It seems like when you think you have something under control, you lose it. 

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Jess Bousa
Engaging With Your Audience

Social Media Channels are intended to be used as networks. Their main purpose is to provide a space to converse, discuss topics, and share content. Your brand can’t forget these core elements of “networking” and it takes effort to ensure conversations or engagement opportunities aren’t left unattended.

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Shane DeFries