3 Reasons Why YOU NEED to use Social Media as an Entrepreneur

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are looking to get every ounce of competitive advantage to make sure your idea pans out. You have searched far and wide for Business Guru advice on how to grow your brand exponentially overnight and have repeatedly come to a frustrating dead end after frustrating dead end.

Like yourself, I too have sought this overnight success and have come to realize that there are certain things that create success and Social Media Marketing is a huge benefactor!

Here are 3 reasons why YOU NEED to be using Social Media to grow your entrepreneurial dreams!

1. EVERYONE is using it

FUN FACT ALERT: Statistics stated that in 2018, 2.23 and 1 billion users log onto Facebook and Instagram on a monthly basis, respectively.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you are looking to tap into different consumer markets to build longevity around your business. The more traditional methods of marketing do not cut it anymore, they simply do not reach the massive audience that social media platforms provide, for FREE!

The ‘right moment’ to start social media will never present itself – tap into these platforms’ potentials and keep building your momentum!

2. Get Quick Feedback

Hitting the street with your awesome products is a daunting task for multiple reasons: (1) Face-to-face rejection is a deterring experience if you do not have the drive to overcome it; (2) Getting people to try your product on the street is a difficult task; (3) Compiling the consumer reviews and feedback is a time-consuming process, and you need to get everything you can out of each day to make this product top-notch!

Contrary to this methodology, social media not only allows you to reach a vast number of people in one click, but it also allows you to get quick feedback on your product or service. It is just a matter of making quick adjustments to your product, or process (it may take a couple of tries to get it just right) and finally releasing your MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

3. Adds Substance to your ‘Sizzle’

Sizzle? What is this article teaching me? The ‘Sizzle’ you create around your business is the glammed-up advertisements that take the hard-sell approach and call immediate consumer action. 

Cleverly created marketing campaigns; advertisements; promotional videos; release events; etc. – these are all your ‘Sizzle’.

Why do you need social media if your ‘Sizzle’ works? Social media creates organic substance around your business, your product and even YOU! By posting engaging comment and interacting with your supporting base (consumers), you are adding a human aspect to your business, but MORE IMPORTANTLY you are networking. 

With each comment, like, favorite, or share action by your supporters you not only show up on their feed every time you post, but you are now integrated into their network of friends and family. This gives you a broader reach potential, thus growing your business!

- Donovan Spallworth | Marketing Consultant, Order From Chaos