18 Meditations That Will Help You Finish 2018 Strong

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1. No one is perfect. Be patient with other people’s imperfections because someone is being patient with yours.

2. Long term problems need long term solutions. There are not short cuts to becoming the best version of yourself.

3. It’s easy to be arrogant about other people’s imperfections and even easier to make excuses for your own.

4. You can’t break a bad habit without a change of heart. Your habits reveal your heart. 

5. We often turn to all kinds of things to fix us that cannot save us.

6. Every bad habit starts with a seed if watered can grow into a tree of hurt. But every bad habit that’s starved can die, bringing room for good habits.

7. Just because nothing is working yet does not mean it won’t work later. 

8. When you take a good thing and try to force it to be your destiny when it’s not right, it becomes a detestable thing.

9. We you live a lie long enough, you tell yourself it’s true.

10. If you are willing to lie, you will continue to fall and even fail.

11. Your secrets keep you sick. Shed light on your darkness. The light is so much better than the darkness.

12. Your purpose inside of you is bigger than the problems against you.

13 You are never beyond repair. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late for you to get it right. It’s never too late to become the person you were supposed to be.

14. Failure does not make you a failure unless you allow it.

15. What you don’t appreciate will be taken from you. Be thankful for what you have not discontent because of what you don’t have.  

16. Your qualifications or lack thereof don’t define your purpose. Allow your purpose to define the process to be qualified.

17. Your failures are the best platform for you to discover and develop your calling in life from. Don’t waste an ounce of pain. Turn your pain into purpose by all means necessary.

18. Your current situation is not your final destination.

Jess Bousa