How Do You Know You're Winning?

A wise man before the invention of social media said, “Not everything that can be counted counts.” 

Quality - Not Only Quantity.

More likes and more shares are the goal but that's not the only goal. Building momentum on your page needs substance not only sizzle. When the dust settles, is the foundation in place to carry you through the storms? There is nothing better than solid, strong content on your social media platform that gets people thinking about the why not only the what. Share success stories, cast big vision, cause people to dream and be grateful, create original images and videos, and so forth are ways to add value to your audience. Telling them what you do just to post something and pictures of every angle of it is surface posting. 

Long-Term, Not Only Short Term.

Think long term not only short term. Anything worth building will take a sacrificial amount of time, talent and treasures. Building and maintaining a strong social media presence needs a long-term strategy with training, expertise, funds and planning, management and more. All of which you can do yourself to get started but eventually you will hit a wall and need to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new, consulting someone for a reason, spend money to invest in your quality and so on.

What counts most is you don’t quit and let your page collect dust. What counts most is your quality increases not just your likes. What counts most is your audience is better because of your social media presence not worse of, less intelligent and bored. Give your social media platform the best of you and you will always having people step over other people’s pages and accounts to get to yours.