5 Reasons Why People Don't Grow (While Others Thrive)

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Growth is not guaranteed as a result of consistency in doing something positive. These are 5 factors why people don’t grow while people around them do. So many people through history have been placed under enormous pressure in their environments yet without excuse produced diamond out of coal. Here’s how:


You get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t invest into what or who is investing back into you, then you won’t grow. Your growth is determined by your level of investment. You won’t grow in how you use your time unless you invest your time in a useful way. You won’t grow your finances unless you use your finances to grow you. 


Your environment is not the reason you are not growing but your excuses. You can grow wherever you don't make excuses. It’s easy to make excuses about the people, the processes and the programs around you as the reason you are not growing. But before you look outside, look inside. I was working out at Planet Fitness for 6 months without any significant improvement in strength and endurance. I started to blame my environment. But then I started to work out with someone who really knew what he was doing. Implementing a new workout plan changed everything without changing the environment. 


Discouraging people will discourage you from your next step without even directly derailing you. They do it through negativity, doubt and self-deception. You don’t even know it’s happening. Be careful who you camp with. What’s in their tent will get into yours eventually because of your proximity. Camp with people who encourage people. You will find yourself moving forward and advancing to new levels without even knowing it at times. Why is that? Because people are like elevators. They will either take you up or down. 


You don’t know what to do next because you don’t have a map in your hand. Resources are key to growth. Reading books and blogs that equip you for your calling. Studying your craft. Attending Conferences. Practicing New Disciplines. For every problem you face and growth plateau you reach, there is a resource to equip you to get unstuck and move forward. When was the last time you were changed by a book? When was the last time your mind shifted because of a conference? 


You have to take care of yourself. Self-care is not selfish. Eating. Sleeping. Exercising. All that and more contribute to your energy level. I can conquer a mountain when I wake up refreshed but I can’t barely walk over a hill when I am tired. Everyone’s energy levels are different but you need to maximize yours to be focused on your growth.

Jess Bousa