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I have talked to 100 business owners one–on–one in the last 100 days.

I shared how social media will change the game with as many stats, facts and Gary Veeism’s I could get out before the almost inevitable “NO” or “NOT YET”.

It amazes me how many business owners and self-employed individuals turn the other way when a clear presentation of how social media works if you worked it properly is communicated with the following facts:

  • Social Media is the most engaged media in human history.

  • Social Media is free to start and quantity trumps quality in the beginning.

  • Social Media ads on Facebook & Instagram are under-priced.

  • Social Media is all about content creation and strategic management. The more creative content distributed on social media sites the higher the engagement, traffic, leads and sales.

Saying “NO” to social media is the worst business decision you can ever make today. I know that sounds extreme but it was extreme for the same kind of people to say “NO” to TV ads in the beginning and never got on, and said “NO” to the Internet and then Google in the early stages, yet jumped on when it became overpriced and over-saturated.

A “NO” to social media is a nail in the coffin for a brand and business these days.

They might not feel it yet but everyone will, especially once the economy collapses or big businesses all get on the same page and take over social media, pushing small businesses and the self-employed around like rag dolls.

When you say “NO”, you are cutting off your connection to a place where more people’s attention is not like that on any other form of media. For example, I boosted a post for a realtor that reached well over 22,000 people for $200 bucks that generated 3 or more showings for a listing that had no activity. Another example is a boosted stellar walk through video, which sold the house in 24 hours and created a listing for the realtor.

When you say “NO”, you are positioning yourself to lose market share online while your competitors build their audience. You will have to start from ground zero while they are building a larger audience every day to increase the attention on their brand or business. Attention is worth more than money because when you have it, you can potentially make all the money you want.

When you say “NO”, you are leaving money on the table. You need to invest time and resources into getting it off the ground and relevant, but once you do, there is an endless amount of money to be made.

When you say “NO”, you are slowing down the process of achieving massive success. The fastest way to get everything you want in life in 2019 is to make valuable content for as many social media platforms you can such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Websites, Twitter, Email, Texting, Twitch, Snapchat and so forth. Always make sure you make more content tomorrow than you did yesterday and you will win.

The best business decision you can make is to engage social media like it’s nobody’s business. Invest your time, energy and money into it. Get a mentor. Hire an agency. Watch YouTube videos. Figure it out.

Don’t let the parade pass you by one more time while your friends and colleagues reap all the benefits from saying “YES”.  

- Jess Bousa | CEO, Order From Chaos

Jess Bousa