What would Martin Luther King, Jr. post today on Facebook???

MLK Day sq OFCM.png

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a genius at leveraging the cutting-edge technology of his day like the newspapers, radio and TV to communicate his concepts of social equality and to create momentum for his social justice movement.  

If social media were around when he was blazing a trail for civil rights, he would do the following five things with character and class:

1. Document.

He put pen to paper on a regular basis to share his thoughts with the public about his position, his struggles and his perspective on people fighting for him and against him. If he had Facebook & Instagram pages, there would have been less of a delay of him and his team revealing what’s going on as they moved the pendulum forward for equality of all races.

2. Motivate.

He would have probably invented the “Motivational Monday” theme on social media. I bet he would drop a clip today from his all too famous “I have a dream” speech to his favorite church hymn. Or celebrate Rosa Parks heroic posture on the bus to sit down when told to stand. He would use social media to fuel the fire in us all who wanted to experience the dream he was willing to die for.

3. Rally.

Gathering people together today with social media is easier than ever. King would have used every bit of it to gather people to his marches, silent protests and conference events. The opportunities are endless to rally people and connect them to businesses, causes, non-profits and so forth from your fingertips.

4. Teach.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left a legacy that knowledge is power. He educated everyone about social equality based on Biblical truth and was uber practical in his implementation of these ideas into society. It was through education and its application that he swayed public opinion and turned nay-sayers into believers. He probably would have a YouTube channel where he would go live when he spoke at churches, conferences, Union Halls or wherever to get value driven content to the masses. Social Media is one of the best platforms to reach people with your knowledge on a particular topic. Teaching about what your passionate about brings value to your audience while you receive purpose for it.

5. Celebrate.

Inspiring people to greatness was an underlying principle in King’s movement. He would probably have a series of celebratory posts on Twitter going out about his team, his followers and anyone and everyone on a regular basis. You would probably see countless selfies with King on Instagram if he were alive today on everyone’s feeds. He was a life giver not taker. Making people feel important was his motto especially the people that were outcasts.

The moral of the story is to not only follow King’s dream today but embrace his methods that turned a far-fetched idea into our present reality. He utilized every ounce of yesterday’s technology in every form to make today a better and more promising future for us all, how about you? What if you leveraged technology to make tomorrow a better day for you and our world? Why not start documenting your journey, rallying and networking people, businesses, organizations and causes online, celebrating and motivating people to be and do better and offering value through education?

I heard it said before of Dr. King: “You can kill the dreamer but not the dream.” His dream lives on today because of the changes made through history in people’s hearts that are reinforce every day on Social Media when people of all races do life together.

Jess Bousa