Insanity Vs. Sanity: How To Get Better Results & Reach More People

Insanity vs Sanity fb.png

Making progress, being better, exceeding goals, and crushing your competition are the buzz words in business except do business owners, self-employed individuals and others really ready and willing to do whatever it takes? Or do they just talk the talk yet return to the same ole same ole?

Remember the age-old definition of insanity: It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I think of some of the craziest people I know are small business owners and self-employed people. I mean you do have to be crazy to start a business from scratch but I am not talking about that kind of crazy. I am talking about the insanity of implementing the same methods yet expecting different results.  

I talk to business owners and self-employed people almost every day. They all want to do things different or better than their competition but then return to the same old bag of branding, marketing and sales tricks.

You have to ask yourself: Am I insane?

Am I doing everything everyone else is doing? Or am I going to lead the way for a new way, not accepted by my colleagues, to break through to new levels to reap new rewards?

To get what you never had before in life and business, you have to do things you never have done before.

1. Think outside of the Box. Shift your thinking.

You can’t get different results thinking the same. You need to find out what is the different way of doing something. Talk to people who have a fresh set of eyes on your business and brand. If you keep talking to the same people you will get the same results they are.

2. Fully Understand Branding. Branding is what separates you from others. It’s not sales.

Branding is a long-term strategy. Sales is short term. Branding has a lot to do with creativity and infusing your values in creative ways into the perception of your audience. The only difference between you and others businesses is your pictures, videos and text in feeds these days. The game has changed. You can stand out but you have to be different.

3. Document the Journey.

There is no better way to tell your story and build your brand than to regularly document your journey. It’s free to start but as you continue to tell your story keep finding better ways with more excellent execution to keep people’s attention. Hire a branding expert to help you with strategy. Find a content creator and manager to bring continuity to your team.

4. Run Facebook & Instagram Ads. Ads are under-priced.

You have a massive opportunity to reach more people with your businesses brand on Facebook & Instagram. You can target one home on one street. You can target parents with newborn children. You can target the employees of a certain business. The price for these ads will not stay this low for long. You need to push your creativity to the masses to get as much attention to you before every big business makes it harder for you and more expensive.

Sanity is doing different things to get a different result.

You can’t expect to do more and more by just doing it the old way better. That’s insane and that will work for the minority but the majority will struggle and quit eventually. Be sane when it comes to your branding. Think outside of the way everyone else is doing it to reach people they will never reach.

Jess Bousa