Stop Begging. Start & Never Stop Branding.

You don’t have to beg when you brand. But if you don’t brand, you will have to beg. You never see Apple begging anyone to buy their phones, Amazon begging anyone to become a Prime member and Chipotle begging anyone to partake in their famous burritos. They don’t beg, they brand.


Branding is storytelling.

Branding is offering value.

Branding is what separates you from your competition.

Branding is creatively connecting products and services to people.

Branding is a way of business, not something to do here and there.

Branding is what helps people come to you so you don’t have to always go to them.

Branding is what gets people thinking about you when they weren’t planning on thinking about you.


Document your journey. Report to your audience what you are doing – the good, the bad and especially the ugly. People like real, not fake, humble not proud, and progress not perfection.


Make relevant content that offers value to potential buyers without asking them to buy anything. You don’t have to remind them you sell something. THEY KNOW! Be an asset.


Connect your audience to other trusted experts in your industry in their community. Become the connector to others who you know will treat people good. There is something about doing good for other businesses. It comes back often 10-fold.


Make lots of content. Use lots of videos. Make sure your content creation is progressively getting better. Be original Don’t recycle other people’s pictures, ideas, and quotes. Think for yourself. Be you. What makes you different will be the very thing that keeps people engaged.


Run lots of online ads and boost lots of posts with engaging, sharable content. You can reach more people with a Facebook ad than any other paid advertisement. Make sure you are using the right creative. Putting money behind a bad post does not make it magically better. 

Jess Bousa