Linkedin Lead Generation Recruitment Program

Purpose of Lead Generation

  • Utilize the best platform for professional connection recruitment

  • Target people from all around the country

  • Professionally connect to 100x’s of people per day 7 days per week for 30 days with a strategy to peak interest with those who accept the connection for your better opportunity that starts a conversation to transition them to you. 

  • Once interest is created by the system, the client must continue the conversation in the LinkedIn inbox and then take offline to a phone call. 

  • Generates 7 to 12 Highly Qualified Leads Per Week 

What’s Included:

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover: Some of the items included are a custom banner, summary rewrite, professional head-shot (provided by you), and other adjustments as needed will be included to make your profile attractive and engaging.

  • Strategically Locating Your Target Market on LinkedIn: Customized for each client, once we identify the target for any niche we show you how to nurture and message them daily. 

  • Creating Compelling Messaging:  We write professional personalized messages, customized to you and your niche. Our proven system engages and encourages the target to take action through our "Problem, Solution, Call to Action" message flow. This includes an Invitation to Connect, a Thank You for Connection and 2-3 specific drip messages. 

  • 100% Delivery Rate to New Connections:  We send drip messages inside of LinkedIn to all your new connections. Messages sent inside of LinkedIn get delivered 100% of the time, no spam filter, driving better engagement.

  • PLEASE NOTE you will need to have Sales Navigator attached to your LinkedIn account for our service. ***You may be eligible for a free one-month trial; cost of Sales Navigator is $79.99 USD per month, month by month. ***

  • NOTE: The Sales Navigator monthly cost is not included in the Lead Generation Package pricing.


  • We report the stats on Friday for the previous Friday-Thursday week. We will update the stats this Friday. Lead conversations are added the next day for the previous day, M-F. Connections made are added daily, same day.


  • Identify 3-5 key areas around the country to recruit from

  • Identity 3-5 key companies to recruit from

Linkedin Lead Generation Recruitment Program

Linkedin Lead Generation Recruitment Program

Lead Generation Pricing:

  • LinkedIn lead Generation runs for 30 Days

  • Averages 28 to 48 Highly Qualified Leads Every 30 Days 

  • Once the invoice is paid, profile will be updated, unique messaging created, targets set and process starts to connect, communicate and recruit.