Online reputation management is more important now than ever before. Did you know that nearly 9 out of 10 potential customers look you up on Google before transacting with you? Any negative thing they find— such as bad reviews, blog posts, and comments—can hurt your sales and drive them to your competitor’s doorstep.

Exponential Media offers the most powerful online reputation management too on the market. We have worked with hundreds of clients, managing their image online. By combining our expertise in SEO and Internet marketing, we have helped both individuals and businesses rebuild their reputation and increase customer trust and loyalty. If you need to manage your reputation online, contact us!


We offer online reputation management services that allow you to protect the image of your brand. From negative reviews from irate customers to deliberate smear campaigns by hostile competitors, we can deal with them all. Our team tracks and monitors what people say about your business online and then uses white hat SEO techniques to shape conversations to your favor? This service targets the following core areas:

  • Systematically requesting every customer to leave a review

  • Managing negative reviews before they are posted 

  • Proactively monitoring your online reputation

  • Identifying the sources of the problems

  • Crafting a comprehensive strategy to counter the problem’s effects

  • Reducing the visibility of the negative information

  • Protecting brand integrity online 

  • Enhancing your online image with positive information

You’ve spent many years building a stellar online reputation—but it can be ruined within minutes. Exponential Media can get it back.