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 Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing (SMM) puts your company in an optimum position to tap into the rich engagements and interactions that naturally occur in social media platforms. From discussions about your brand to conversations between you and your customers to a regular stream of quality content that builds an audience of ideal customers around your brand while continually drawing them into your world, social media marketing is becoming the backbone for a modern day marketing plan for all businesses no matter their size and brands of all kinds.  

When you work with our SMM team, you’ll get a clear picture of what you should say about your company, what people are saying about it, where they are saying it, where you should get involved, and how to leverage social media to increase brand reputation and awareness.


Social Media Marketing has become an important part of overall digital marketing. Interactions via social media are more crucial than ever—and unless you communicate and associate with your audience, you are bound to lose a valuable advantage.

This is why SMM is vital. When combined with traditional SEO, it can take your online marketing efforts to the next level, allowing you to achieve a ‘robust modern day strategy’ that reaps solid results. As your SMM provider, Exponential Media can help you create a strong brand identity on social media—an image and a reputation that appeals to your target audience.


  1. Setting up your profile in social networking websites

  2. Creating a custom content calendar that builds your audience 

  3. Community building

  4. Regular addition and tweaking of optimized, well-linked content

  5. Generation of ideas for viral marketing, such as videos, events, news, articles, and many more to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities

  6. Integration of blog, RSS, tagging and other tools to make your website social media friendly

  7. Promotion of your website through free and paid advertisements on social networking websites to drive targeted traffic (both geo-targeted and global)


  1. Social Bookmarking

  2. Social Profile Listing

  3. Social Event Marketing

  4. Social Shopping Feeds

  5. Blogging

  6. Photo Sharing

  7. Video Sharing

  8. Online Product Reviews

  9. RSS Feed Promotion

  10. Audio and Music Sharing

  11. Question and Answers


  1. Broadened client base

  2. Broadened reach/ target market

  3. Improved conversions

  4. Improved brand awareness

  5. Cost effective online advertising

Our SMM services are also designed to boost the impact of other online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, direct marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.


Social media networking doesn’t come without its own potential pitfalls. If it is not planned and executed properly, it can damage your website’s online visibility rather than building it.

A SMM plan requires regular maintenance, networking and connections—and we can provide exactly that.

 Let Exponential Media help you take advantage of the many unique opportunities the platform of social media has created in order to successfully drive more visitors to your website. Contact us today.

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Exponential Media is an online digital marketing agency that passionately serves businesses, non-profits, churches and causes in Harford, Cecil & Baltimore Counties, throughout all of Maryland and across the United States and internationally. We have been called one of Maryland’s best Digital Marketing online agencies. We focus on brand development, strategic consulting, website development and custom content creation and management for social media that help our clients create, commerce, connect to and influence their audience.

Digital marketing can be a complicated marketing tool for most companies and organizations to understand as it has several moving parts that are subject to change at any time. What was used yesterday effectively to reach your audience online might not be the best method tomorrow. And it can be hard to keep track of these changes when you have a business to grow.

That’s where Exponential Media comes in. With our consulting services, we work with you in a cooperative fashion to provide your company or organization with all the expert SEO, website, social media, digital content, and ad buy knowledge that you need to create and maintain a successful digital marketing strategy. It is our intent to allow for knowledge to transfer between our team and yours. So that you can set your company or organization up for digital marketing success now and in the future.

We provide retainer-style marketing consulting services to ensure that your company or organization reaches its internet marketing goals while implementing digital marketing best practices. These consulting agreements vary based on specific needs and are billed by the hour. Retainer-based consulting agreements start at a minimum of 5 hours per month, during which there is access to a professionally trained expert consultant. 

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Reporting & Analytics 

You can’t manage what we don’t measure. Everything we do for you is analyzed and reported to you to track performance, make adjustments when necessary and to capitalize on what connects to your audience best.

Franchise & Multi-Location Marketing

 We bring customization to corporate branding and marketing. Building a local franchise’s audience without compromising the corporate brands integrity separates us from every other digital marketing company.