4 Cardinal Sins of Social Media Marketing

Cardinal Sins Blog Post.jpg

There is more to Facebook than meets the eye. Facebook Marketing is both an art and a science. It is not for everybody even though everybody has access to it. Just because you have a Facebook page and an iPhone does not mean you are headed in the right direction. Many are driving right off the social media mountain and not even knowing it. You are committing the cardinal sins each and every day. 

1. Your social media presence is an extension of how you do what you do. If you can sell a house like its nobodies business offline, but can't even share a listing properly on Facebook, people are going to judge how you do what you do by what they see on Facebook. 

2. Your activity on social media must reflect your activity offline. People will think you never build new houses or install new kitchens and bathrooms if they never see it online. Worst than that is to have an old page up where you binged posted and stopped. It's like a ghost town on your accounts with a few old dusty pictures of past activity. 

3. What you say can keep people from what you sell. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks or posts on social media. What you say reveals what you are like on the inside more than we realize. People read into things, take things personally, feel judged and condemned and are offended by posts. You can't control people but you can be someone on social media known more for not what you are against but what you are for. I want to buy from people who love, serve and are forgiving. 

4. Always telling people the "what" not the "why." People are bombarded with events, services, sales, and deals. Those are the "whats." Facebook is full of them whereas very limited in whys in proportion to whats. The why is the reason for the what. It needs to be clear, simple, relatable and inspiring. 

Remember, in a world full of counterfeits, The real things stand out. Be you. Don't be your favorite facebook profile. They might not even know who they are. Be real. Your uniqueness is more powerful than mimicking others. Be you. Learn from others but find your own style, your own flair, and your own bravado. Real and raw is attractive. Copying someone else won't move the dial forward for you. 

Jess Bousa